Software with the Sophistication & Functionality of a Stand Alone Console at the Fraction of the Price!

Affordable, capable, comprehensive lighting control
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Product Specifications

  • For Windows OS
  • DMX Converter (REQUIRED) sold separately
  • Each purchase includes a Security Key required for DMX control; multiple universes available (each universe = 512 channels)

What IS Plexus?

Plexus is a software application for controlling entertainment lighting including intelligent lights, LEDs, conventional fixtures and accessories. Plexus is ideal for theater, film and television, theme parks, museums, retail and architectural applications in which creative control is essential.

Plexus is a graphical user interface (GUI) program which you operate from a PC using a mouse and the standard conventions of any modern computer. With an exceptionally quick learning curve, electricians and designers find Plexus to be "intuitive and dynamic."

Plexus provides: